TITANFLEX Liquid Model

20th Jun

Titanflex Liquid

Technology meets design with two new smarter, tougher and lighter Liquid Metal models introduced to the ‘original’ memory metal TITANFLEX collection. With a brand heritage spanning over 30 years TITANFLEX is technology eyewear from German eyewear engineers. In 1988, Eschenbach Optik revolutionised the optical market with their flexible, tough and light TITANFLEX philosophy and this innovative revolution continues in 2019 with the introduction of Liquid Metal.

Liquid Metal allows for the creation of elaborate and attractive frame designs. An amorphous metal alloy, it’s non-crystalline structure provides hard wearing, scratch resistant, non corrosive and elastic properties, possessing the atomic structure of glass for a high-end surface finish. Arctic proof, liquid metal remains flexible up to -30°C. Although ultra flexible the frame bending radius is limited to 45°C.


Flexible and 3D, TITANFLEX 820792 and 820793 have been designed to impress. Driven by style, this dynamic duo incorporates high tech design with first class comfort. TITANFLEX 820792 has sports appeal, featuring three-dimensional temples, an innovative double bridge and creative colour choices aimed at the modern man. TITANFLEX 820793 provides a classic update, pairing the three-dimensional temples with a functional rectangular eye shape. Both new releases are available in two versatile eye sizes. Integrated technical solutions for the tech savvy wearer, combining innovative Liquid Metal with the superior properties of TITANFLEX.

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