11th Nov


Great British design steeped in Lulu love, introducing the 2020 Lulu Guinness eyewear collection.

Unveiling 18 brand new Sunglass styles alongside the 68 piece optical collection, which includes an exclusive preview of 8 optical styles launching in January. Think playful yet practical. The new designs draw inspiration from the classic Lulu Guinness heritage, encompassing distinctive style with bold colours and statement making designs.

The Lulu Guinness brand is about being timeless whilst shying away from the norm. The collection packs in plenty of personality featuring daring combinations, courageous acetates, distinctive colour ways and innovative eye shapes that hint at the iconic Lulu lip. The modern shapes and colourful designs are met with luxury materials and quality components to create enduring eyewear that is sure to leave a long-lasting impression.

The new vintage inspired Lulu Guinness floral marketing campaign is set to turn heads. Creating a romantic backdrop to the new collection and accentuating the feminine appeal with dusky pastel accents that feature throughout. All culminating in a collection that sparks curiosity and intrigue.

Everyday luxuries, all sunglasses and opticals are individually supplied with a chic, branded Lulu Guinness case and cloth. To help create the perfect Lulu lips display in your practice we have introduced a new 3 pc stand available with every set of 12 Lulu Guinness’ purchased. Plus, order before the end of the year for your chance to be entered into our fabulous Prize Draw to win a Lulu Guinness lips clutch bag worth £275.