Which Eyewear Brands Are The Most Popular In 2020?

International Eyewear has been a leading supplier of high-quality branded eyewear in the UK since 1988. Ever evolving and always aiming to be one step ahead of the optical market, we help to ensure that your customers have access to the most fashionable, comfortable, and practical designs on the market.


The competition for high-quality frames in the optical market leaves no room to offer sub-par products to your customers. We have a huge range of frames to match every customer and every price range, from STORM UK to Lulu Guinnnes and Hero for Men. We stock all the premium, affordable designs and ensure that quality never has to be compromised for the sake of cost. All of our frames are designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure they meet the top standards in the industry. We don’t sell any frames unworthy of the IEL quality stamp.

Exploring Our Collections

Our range of quality frames is constantly updated. By keeping an eye on our News section, you can be sure to be kept in the know. We are able to offer you and your practice a range of designer, affordable, and budget frames that can help your business stay ahead of the competition. With a passion for superior quality and superior design, we present a diverse mix of frames in our portfolio, so let us take a closer look at what we have to offer in the way of premium brands.

STORM London

STORM London is a brilliant British designer brand with a range of distinctive, stylish glasses and sunglasses. The British brand was initially developed as an innovation in watch design and is now recognised globally for its iconic style and individuality. Due to the brand’s success, it has diversified into other product areas, such as jewellery, bags, cosmetics and of course, eyewear.

The highly popular brand is now known worldwide for its style and individuality. These attributes are reflected in their statement glasses designs. STORM London aims to offer distinctive, design-focused pieces that are different from anything else on the market. From daring colours to well-loved classics, they offer both ophthalmic and prescription sunglasses too.  Take a look at our latest range of Storm UK opticals.

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness is a timeless brand that is not afraid to shy away from the norm. The eyewear collection offers plenty of personality, featuring daring combinations, distinctive colourways and innovative eye shapes that hint at the iconic Lulu lip motif.

Lulu Guinness founded her iconic brand in 1989 aged 29, inspired by the idea of a fashion briefcase for women.  Her concept eventually morphed into a vintage style rose basket bag and Lulu Guinness products could soon be found in stores in London, Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing as well as on the shelves of the world’s most prestigious department stores.

Lulu’s drive and organic passion for original design have proven to be the keys to her success. Today Lulu still lives by the motto of her hero, the Surrealist artisan and fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, ‘Dare to Be Different’. The women who wear Lulu Guinness eyewear do just that.

Lulu Guinness’ individual style and undeniable glamour is reflected in the eyewear collection, which features colourful interpretations of the cat’s eye shape and Lulu’s signature lips motif. The collection also features exclusive patterned material, dramatic retro shapes like the dog tooth design and Like all of Lulu’s designs, her eyewear is sophisticated yet daring.

We have on offer, 18 brand new Sunglass styles alongside the 68 piece optical collection, which includes an exclusive preview of 8 optical styles launched this year.

All sunglasses and opticals are individually supplied with a chic, branded Lulu Guinness case and cloth. To help create the perfect Lulu lips display in your practice we have introduced a new 3 pc stand available with every set of 12 Lulu Guinness’ purchased.

Hero for Men

Established since 1988, Hero for Men is one of the most recognised and trusted glasses brands for men with a variety of styles on offer.  Hero glasses & sunglasses are designed for the everyday man, with their practical and on-trend styles. It is one of International Eyewear’s most established and trusted brands, offering a variety of designs from more classic styles, to something with a bit more intrigue.

The Hero for Men collection features a fantastic range of classic and contemporary designs which comprise the latest materials and techniques. Look out for the popular Easyfit option offering dispensers a varied choice of eye and bridge sizes. The classic designs are suitable for everyday wear, being simple yet definitive. All models work well with any outfit and style.

For those looking for something a little more daring, Hero for Men offers more contemporary styles such as the clip on polarised lenses. These offer an interesting look whilst protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays. Offering both glasses or sunglasses, Hero for Men provide protection and vision aid whatever your needs.