Brendel 902287 and Brendel 902285

7th Aug

The BRENDEL promise is simple – “Fashion for the face” – designed by females for females. Wearer’s have a passion for fashion with the frames being trend aware whilst not compromising on quality or comfort. Frames are inspired by the creations of renowned international fashion designers, stylists and make-up artists offering affordable eyewear for the everyday woman.

Brendel 902287

Femininity knows many forms of expression and stylish combination model Brendel 902287 is the embodiment. The lightness and transparency of Stainless Steel paired with innovative T15 material reflects the feminine appeal of the Brendel brand, synonymous with style and sophistication. The soft, yet expressive eye shape underlines the clarity of the intricate model, designed to compliment the wearers feminine facial features. Taking inspiration from the latest catwalk trends, Brendel 902287 builds on the ‘barely there’ trend, available in two sensual colour ways of Palladium/Rose (00) or Rose Gold/Grey Blue (20).

Brendel 902285

For the Spring/Summer season the focus is on ‘Transparency’ – marking a clear change in eyewear fashion. The transparency trend is already established in the fashion industry and now it has been translated into eyewear, a look that is beautifully illustrated by new release Brendel 902285. This effortlessly elegant frame is multi-faceted; expressive forms and clever material combinations of acid resistant T15 plastic and metal, paired with a delectable colour palette of Matt Gold/Grey (20) and Rose Gold/Rose (21). Derived from the same design concept as Brendel 902287, the soft yet dramatic eye shape is feminine in design accentuating the clarity of this intricate model.

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