1st Feb

Designed for comfort – Introducing 6 top performance designs to the technical TITANFLEX collection. Smarter, tougher, lighter; pushing designs to new limits of flexibility, robustness and lightness. German engineered, the ‘original’ memory metal collection delivers exceptional eyewear that others can only promise.

The pioneer in flexible eyewear, 2022 celebrates innovation with highlight style 820898. Premiering the first combination of TITANFLEX x PPSU, ultra-light, ultra-sturdy, ultra-attractive a hybrid mix of TITANFLEX material and a new PPSU polymer. High tech meets high fashion with the brands usual comfort, casualness and quality as standard.

TITANFLEX Urban brings you 820890 also known as the ‘Trinity Concept’ – A threefold design offering first class comfort with low, structured eyerims, Ti nose pads and monoblock hinge. Forming part of ‘The Grip’ series are full rim dynamic duo 820884 & 820885 and rimless counterpart 820883. And last but not least discover Liquid 2.0 with 820897, featuring a deep rectangular shape, high quality finish, and three-dimensional temple made of Liquid metal.