Sunglasses Trends

10th Oct

Did you know that in Hollywood, most stars in the Golden Age only wore sunglasses to protect their eyes from the glaring set lights?

Most businesses that sell wholesale sunglasses that are on trend don’t know their beginnings, and wearing shades has always been associated with being cool. The stars of Hollywood today have taken to wearing Matrix-inspired frames to give them an air of mystery on set, but if you want to sell sunglasses, function sometimes has to come before fashion. Wholesale sunglasses that actually cover the eyes are a big deal, because despite the fact that they are on trend in 2018 and are predicted to be big in 2019, most people tend to buy sunglasses to hide a plethora of issues – tired eyes, bad makeup; you name it, sunglasses can cover it up.

Whether you are a fan of aviators, wayfarers or the bug-eyed wholesale sunglasses that cover your eyes from eyebrow to lip, sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. Yes, they keep your customers on trend and you need to sell them in a way that makes them look like the latest cool accessory, however, they have a function: protecting eyes from the UV rays of the sun. It doesn’t matter which colour, shape and size you choose, sunglasses have always been linked back to edginess, a touch of mystery. They always started out as something that was functional – to shield the eyes from the heat and light of the sun – but as time has gone on, sunglasses have evolved into trendy accessories that compliment any outfit.

2018 Trends That Count

Preparing for summer each year gets harder and harder for most people. With the unpredictability of the weather and the changing fashion trends, sunglasses evolve to suit the season. In 2018, the trends focused on smaller, thinner frames that make a sartorial statement instead of cover the entire face of your customers. Think pastel lenses, materials that are mixed and different, edgy shapes and you’ve got the 2018 sunglasses trends. So, let’s explore the most popular trends of this year’s wholesale sunglasses:

  • Tiny frames. Think back to the 2017 Balenciaga Spring/Summer show. Teeny sunglasses frames made a huge appearance in the show and so it’s no wonder that they have branched into 2018’s fashion must-haves. Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton picked up on the trend during the show and developed their own tiny framed wholesale sunglasses for this year. The Kardashian women have been seen sporting them and that’s when you know it’s time to stash away the bug-eyed glasses in favour of the delicate, smaller shades.
  • Thin frames. Wirework jewellery are making a huge statement, so it makes total sense that wirework sunglasses become a thing. Nerdy wire frames that fit properly look cool, trendy and are lighter in material. They’re far more comfortable and they’re so in this year that your customers will be buying up what they can!
  • Pastel lenses. Ah, pastel, the world has been without you for far too long. 2018 fashion trends saw the breakout of amber and peach colours in silver frames. Tinted, pastel lenses that people can see-through are all the rage for 2018.
  • Edgy shapes. Long gone are the round Harry Potter-shaped sunglasses and in are polygonal shapes, triangles and even square sunglasses! It’s different, it’s edgy and it gives an air of mystery.

2019 Autumn/Winter Upcoming Sunglasses Trends

As we move into 2019 (seriously, when did that happen?), the wholesale sunglasses market is bursting with innovation. Customers will be looking to upgrade their eyewear to the most fashionable, on-trend style possible. They’re different, they’re unique and they’re going to bamboozle your customers for 2019. Here they are:

  • Super Slim Cat Eye. We’ve had the giant, cover-your-face sunglasses that look like bug eyes. We love that trend. However, sunglasses are shrinking down, and there is a huge shift toward a much slimmer eyewear profile. Think of the cat eye shape, with exaggerated wings and slimmer silhouettes. This is one of the biggest predicted trends for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season.
  • Shield Sunglasses. Activewear is still on the runway which means the trend in wholesale sunglasses shaped as a shield that wrap around the eyes is still alive and kicking. An oversized wrap with flat toplines and tinted lenses are an absolute fashion must for 2019.
  • Extended Rectangle. Bright and bold colours scream the 1990s, but extended rectangle sunglasses are on trend for 2019 instead. Increase in the rectangle shape instead of the round, more typical sunglasses shape is big on the runway, so the new fashion season is going to be epic.
  • Novelty Frames. Playing to the youth market, the more kitschy, novelty frames are fun, bright and they’re bold enough to make a statement. When you are selling wholesale sunglasses to stores that are a little more unique and unconventional, the novelty frames will fly off the shelf in 2019.
  • Rimless Frames. Rimless glasses in general are stylish and classy. Rimless sunglasses make a different kind of statement, especially when tinted and pastel at the same time. Upscale shapes like the oversized square remains a clear winner for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season.
  • Retro Sports. Aviator sunglasses have always been timeless in their style. If you think about it, beefing up these frames was always going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. Well, the when is now for 2019, with contrasting colours and shield shapes. It’s an evolved aviator and it looks fantastic. It’s going to be in high demand for 2019.

The 2018-2019 trends have featured colours and styles that mirror other decades, and they’re bringing nostalgia to the table. Selling wholesale sunglasses in a range of sizes, shapes and colours means that you can cater to every customer and business on the market.