2nd Jul


Cleaning is now more important than ever, to give you a helping hand we have put together our 5 Step Frame Cleaning Guide (Click to view). Or alternatively here are our recommended DO’S & DONT’S when cleaning frames:

– Keep washing your hands throughout the cleaning process. Wash for at least 20 seconds using soap and water or hand sanitiser

– To reduce the spread of germs we advise you to wear the correct PPE at all times including disposable gloves

– To deep clean frames we strongly recommend using an ultrasonic cleaning bath in combination with soapy water or any other grease dissolving agent. We do not recommend using uV sterilisation for our frames. Although UV rays may not seriously impact on plastic materials, we know that some colours on metal frames can age after prolonged exposure to UV rays and this method can also alter the colour of the dummy lenses

– Always use a microfibre cloth to dry the frame

– Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes

– Never use hot water as it can distort the frames

– Don’t use alcohol, bleach or any substance with high acid concentration. We use over 30 different kinds of plastic and metal material in our frames, of which many can be damaged if an alcohol based cleaner is applied. Evidence of using such substance may result in your frame warranty being void



We have every confidence in the design and quality of International Eyewear frames, however we understand that from time to time it may be necessary for you to make a return. With that in mind we need to consider Covid-19 and the steps required to ensure that the frames are returned safely and in a sellable condition. When making a frame return please follow the below steps:

– Ensure frames are thoroughly cleaned using our preferred 5 Step Frame Cleaning Guide method

– Individually package frames in a clear, sealed plastic frame bag

– Return frames with the original invoice information. In addition to this the invoice should also be signed and dated to confirm that all frames have been cleaned to our requirements

– All frame returns must be agreed in advance with your Regional Sales Manager (This does not apply to warranty frames or frames that have been sent out on approval)

– We are also taking extra precautions, we will not open any returns for 72 hours upon receipt. This measure has been implemented to ensure staff safety when handling product. All returns will be checked and cleaned before adding back into our live stock system.



All of our frames undergo quite a journey from supplier to practice, therefore ensuring the safety of everyone involved in the process is our main priority. Safety must come first, so when the time comes for our Regional Sales Mangers (RSM’s) to return to action and pay you a visit you can rest assured that we have put in place strict hygiene guidelines and safety standards for all appointments. Our promise to you is as follows:

– All appointments will be booked and agreed in advance

– Where possible only the Regional Sales Manager and one practice representative will be present at the appointment

– RSM’s will keep a two metre social distance at all times

– RSM’s are required to wear a disposable face mask to all appointments and we kindly ask that customers also wear a face mask or appropriate face covering during the appointment. Face masks will be replaced daily

– RSM’s are required to wear disposable gloves to all appointments. The gloves will be put on before entering practice and discarded after departure

– International Eyewear frames may only be handled whilst wearing disposable gloves, customers will be given a pair of disposable gloves by the RSM if they wish to pick up frames

– International Eyewear frames should only be tried on in exceptional cases and with prior RSM consent. Any frames from our sample collections worn by customers will be placed in a separate container (box, etc.) for at least 48 hours and then cleaned before returning to RSM sample cases

– Disinfectant wipes will also be available if you require RSM’s to clean bags, cases or equipment before entering practice. To minimise touching and transfer RSM’s only will handle product cases