11th Jan

Introducing our new HE & PC Rimless segment, tailor make your customers perfect frame combination with 8 colours and 8 interchangeable eye shapes to choose from.

  • Combination 1000A features a feminine rectangular eye shape in Burgundy (C1)
  • Combination 1000B features a rounded butterfly eye shape in Lilac (C2)
  • Combination 1000C features a petite soft rectangle eye shape in Pink (C3)
  • Combination 1000D features a square eye shape in Bronze (C4)
  • Combination 1000E features a rectangular eye shape in Gunmetal (C5)
  • Combination 1000F features a deep rectangular eye shape in Black (C6)
  • Combination 1000G features a slim rectangular eye shape in Navy (C7)
  • Combination 1000H features a rounded rectangular eye shape in Brown (C8)

Simplicity at its best, all styles are minimalistic in design with Stainless Steel bridge, pad arms, lugs and temples, and superior integrated OBE flex hinge as standard.