Episode WATER + AIR

Embodying femininity & fashion, introducing two new and inclusive Plus styles to the ever-evolving Episode collection.

Episode 277

Make waves with Episode 277, a flat metal supra designed for the Plus segment. Flaunting Episode style with two-tone plating in an environment inspired colour palette of aquatic Teal (C1) and earthy Brown (C2). High Density acetate temples provide additional flexibility.

Episode 278

A breath of fresh air, Episode 278 is a statement style designed for the Plus segment. Featuring rich patterned acetates paired with metal temples to create a slim silhouette. Choose between tempestuous Raspberry Marble (C1) and azure Teal Marble (C2).

In an effort to help reduce single use plastics all new Episode styles are supplied with eco-conscious disposable packaging comprising 100% biodegradable demo lenses & polybags, and an environmentally friendly Box, Case & Cloth made from recycled materials. The supporting marketing campaign celebrates the power of ‘Mother Nature’. Collaborating with talented artist Lena Ker, the four elements; Earth, Air, Water & Fire have been reinterpreted into fashion inspired illustrations with an environmental nod.