Designed for comfort

10th Sep

The latest collection presents 7 statement pieces offering individualists an exclusive sense of comfort. Thanks to the pairing of high-quality materials and innovative technology each model is as tough, smart and characteristically light as the last. The perfect interplay of design and function for the epitome of wearer comfort.

TITANFLEX is robust yet highly flexible, frames are composed of an exclusive Titanium metal alloy that is ten times more elastic than conventional spring Stainless Steel. Thanks to the memory metal effect, the frame repeatedly returns to its original shape following deformation. Characterised by Nordic shape, colour and elegance 820880 pairs innovative technology with high quality materials.

TITANFLEX stands for technology & design, German engineered eyewear developed for the demands of daily life. Dynamic 850101 interplays sportive colour with classic design for a contemporary twist on a collection favourite.

TITANFLEX material is extremely light resulting in optimum comfort without compromising on durability & style. Developed with experience, designed with quality, produced with expertise introducing Light Style 823016. A rimless successor with masculine appeal; interchangeable eyeshapes, pin system and soft touch temples deliver exceptional comfort, which others can only promise!