Titanflex Eyewear

Designed for comfort

The original memory metal collection, unparalleled since 1988.

TITANFLEX stands for technology & design, German engineered eyewear developed for the demands of daily life. TITANFLEX is robust yet highly flexible, frames are composed of an exclusive Titanium metal alloy that is ten times more elastic than conventional spring Stainless Steel. Thanks to the memory metal effect, the frame repeatedly returns to its original shape following deformation.

TITANFLEX material is extremely light resulting in optimum comfort without compromising on durability & style. Developed with experience, designed with quality, produced with expertise.

TITANFLEX delivers exceptional eyewear, which others can only promise. The brands innovation pushes eyewear forward with their unrivalled range of liquid metal styles. The result of many years of research and development by Eschenbach engineers, liquid metal is a unique material in optics. With flexibility, durability and lightness similar to traditional memory metal but with new possibilities for elaborate 3-dimensional designs and a radiant surface finish.

TITANFLEX is available for customers based in mainland UK only.