What Should I Consider When Choosing A New Eyewear Supplier In 2020

30th Jan

When it comes to your eyes, taking care of their health and looking as stylish as possible are the foremost considerations of your customers. We value our customers and provide excellent choice, value for money and customer service which is why  International Eyewear is your go to optical frame supplier in the UK. We can help transform your optical business with the most talked about UK eyewear in 2020.

Established in 1988, International Eyewear is one of the UK’s leading wholesale eyewear suppliers of optical frames and prescription sunglasses. Our passion for great design and superior quality enables us to provide a wide and varied mix of eyewear products. This has resulted in a portfolio that offers customers the complete optical frames solution.

It’s a new year, is it time for a new optical frame supplier in the UK for your business? Look no further than International Eyewear and here are the reasons why you might consider a change:

What Should I Consider When Choosing A New Eyewear Supplier In 2020

When it comes to licensed eyewear brands, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers, stocking names such as LULU GUINNESS and STORM LONDON. We have also recently partnered with The Roald Dahl Story Company to create our first ever licensed children’s eyewear collection. We want your customers to look and feel fantastic when they wear our frames, which is where both fashion and superior quality come into play. If your customers feel like you can supply them with a wide range of styles which are all made to the highest of standards, then you can put a tick in the customer satisfaction box and expect them to return next time they need new frames.


What is your budget for eyewear this year? Does your current frame company give you a reasonable margin on your business? If not, it’s time for a change. Optical businesses need a supplier that offers the best price for your business and that means shopping around and contacting new suppliers such as ourselves.

International Eyewear offers you a complete optical frame solution.  Choosing to buy from us will give you the chance to choose the frames suited to your budget needs without compromising on quality.


How reliable are your current suppliers? An unreliable supplier is not one that you want to work with as your business progresses. You want to know that your frames are the most current eyewear brands and that your customers have access to the latest eyewear trends. As a leading eyewear company, we are dedicated to keeping you in the look with all the latest UK eyewear news and information. Through us, you will have access to the latest eyewear brands to hit the market.


Eyewear must be of the highest quality and you need your provider to offer a quality of service at the same time, both of which we provide. International Eyewear’s product portfolio offers premium, affordable and budget eyewear brands to fulfil yours and your customer’s needs.

Your frame company should fit in with all your business goals. Finding the right one can really count towards your business’ success. Why not get in touch today and confirm whether your vision for your practice matches the services we offer.

About International Eyewear

Our business has been manufacturing and supplying wholesale eyewear brands since 1988. We are the leading optical frame supplier in the UK and continue to remain focused on delivering quality eyewear that matches your company’s budget, goals and expectations. Our eyewear brands are stocked across many independent optical businesses in the UK. If you have a particular eyewear brand in mind or you need to discuss eyewear solutions for your business call us today, we most certainly can help.

We are focused on delivering eyewear products of the highest quality at different levels throughout the UK. International Eyewear provides premium, affordable and budget eyewear products throughout our frame portfolio. When dispensing our optical frames you can trust that IEL frames are designed and manufactured to the highest quality eyewear standards and we have designed a quality stamp of approval, for assured International Eyewear quality.