6 Top Tips To Keep Your Glasses In Great Condition

20th Jan

As a glasses wearer, we’re guessing that over the past few years you have suffered one or more mishaps when it comes to your eyewear. Maybe you have lost a pair of glasses from your favourite eyewear brand or have damaged them in some way. Maintaining a flawless pair of glasses is something we all aspire to do yet seldom achieve.  Keeping a pair of spectacles in top-top condition takes a degree of conscious effort and common sense.

Here are some top tips from us, the UK’s leading eyewear wholesalers, for keeping your glasses in good condition.

How Can I Keep My Glasses In Great Condition?

1. Clean Your Eyewear Carefully

However sturdy your glasses are, the lenses will be made of comparatively vulnerable material.  Therefore, you must take extra consideration when it comes to cleaning them, even if you have lenses with protective, anti-scratch coating on. Before wiping, make sure the lens is free from any debris whatsoever. The smallest speck of dirt can result in a damaged lens and accumulation of small but destructive scratches might go unnoticed initially but they will lead to blurred vision over time.

Only use a microfiber, soft cloth to clean your eyewear. This is actually the most inexpensive way to clean them. Don’t be tempted to use other objects like a paper towel or your sleeve. Even clothing material can scratch your glasses lenses.

Avoid cleaning your glasses with a cleaner that contains ammonia or alcohol. This is because such harsh chemicals can damage any coating that is on your lenses. Instead, gently wash your glasses (or sunglasses) with a solution of diluted dish soap and your fingers. After doing this, dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth designed specifically for that purpose. Never use ordinary tissues, paper towels, tea towels, the corner of your shirt or other such materials, which will cause scratches.

2. Adjusting Your Glasses

Over time, glasses frames can alter slightly and bow outwards because of the pressure of your head against the arms. Take a look at the curvature of the earpieces. If the eyewear is digging into your ears or the side of your head, then the earpiece section of the arms needs bending outwards. If the glasses are too loose and slipping down your nose, the earpieces may need twisting inwards towards the head. This is not something we advise you attempt yourself on your brand new eyewear unless you are prepared to shell out for a new pair.

We recommend visiting a professional UK eyewear stockist or optician every time you feel your glasses getting loose or uneven. You may need to have your frames tightened up and the screws checked for tightness. This usually only takes about five minutes and is a great way to extend the life of your eyewear.

If your brand new glasses need small adjustments, someone at your opticians should be able to adjust them for you before you take them home. This should be done as standard practice.

Ensuring your glasses fit well is one of the steps to making sure you can enjoy pristine vision for a long time and feel comfortable in your new frames. And we reiterate, it’s important to remember that adjusting eyeglass frames is best left to an optician, as they are familiar with the techniques and have specific equipment and tools for doing it.

3. Don’t Wear Your Glasses On Top Of Your Head

It might be convenient or look stylish but by wearing your specs on top of your head you risk stretching out the earpieces. (see above). Also, all the natural oils from your hair and scalp can dirty the lenses. (See point 1). It’s an all-round no-no.

4. Clean Your Glasses Every Day

If you keep to a schedule of cleaning your glasses every day you could be keeping them safe from small particles getting into unreachable areas. By doing this you can extend the life of your eyewear longer than usual.

Never use an acidic product such as vinegar on your lenses as this could lead to damage or blurriness. As mentioned above, use mild soap and rinse it with water. You can also get glass cleaning solution from any nearby supermarket or pharmacy at a low cost.

5. Don’t Put Your Glasses Lens-Side Down

One of the more obvious points, but just don’t! Putting your glasses down somewhere, resting on their lenses can and will cause serious scratches. Good Quality cases are provided with all our eyewear brands. Use it and keep your specs in better condition for longer…

6. Be Careful When Working Out

When working out, wear a sports strap to keep your frames secure during physical activity. Even better, wear an old pair that you aren’t worried about getting damaged. Sweat can quickly dissolve some coatings on both frames and lenses.

If you frequently partake in physical activity, you might want to think about investing in a pair of activewear lenses.


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