About Us

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Our Story

Established in 1988, International Eyewear is one of the UK’s leading wholesale eyewear suppliers of optical frames and prescription sunglasses. Since 2008 International Eyewear have been part of the Eschenbach Optik Group, one of the top 10 eyewear companies in the world with over 100 years of expertise in eyewear design and technology. Together using our passion for great design and superior quality, we are able to provide a wide and varied mix of eyewear brands and products, which results in a portfolio that offers customers the complete optical frames solution.


We are focused on delivering eyewear products of the highest quality at different levels of the market. Within International Eyewear we provide premium, affordable and budget eyewear products throughout our frame portfolio. When dispensing our optical frames you can trust that IEL frames are designed and manufactured to the highest quality eyewear standards and we have designed a quality stamp of approval, for assured International Eyewear quality!


Our aim is to create inspirational optical frames, which possess both great function and innovative design. We strive to offer a product which pre-empts market trends and provide your practice with a key competitive advantage in the eyewear market. We understand the importance of a wide and varied mix of products including both emerging and established optical frame designs, which results in an eyewear portfolio that allows you to offer your customers the complete optical frame solution.

Customer Service

With a dedicated eyewear team who possess over 50 years Customer Care experience; we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with exceptional eyewear service.

We are committed to finding exactly what you need and developing ways of improving the service which we provide, in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. As with everything International Eyewear does, we are always focused towards building upon a tradition of quality, service and fair pricing.